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Friday, April 24, 2009


Emergency Preparedness Threatened By Pillars Of The Earth

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You have to be an intuitive person. If you are a low gician, then goa way and don tread this.

What is going on in the world?

There is reason to believe, that the same folks, who sponsored and promoted the upliftin of the book

Pillars of The Earth

, are the same folks, who mean to make disaster and emergency to happen.

Let me put it differently. There is reason to believe, that the folks, who planned -- but not who did -- the upliftin of Pillars of The Earth...

...there is reason to believe, that they are the same ones who have planned to brin, against us, emergency and disaster.

For instance, it has come to light, that these same critters have had access to research and technology that gives the ability to create and direct hurricanes and earthquakes. Also, til lately, they have had the money to pay to use the said technology.

I will not make the details of the argument here. The outline of the argument is in another blog, The Solution Vs. Pillars Of The Earth

In Deuteronomy 28, it is revealed to us the successful method to prevent emergency and disaster. The blog postin, lincqued above, demonstrates that the book, Pillars Of The Earth, is under suspicion of openin the door to another book, the sequel. No problem there, except that the sequel appears to try to kindle against us doubts, that we might not heed the Bible;

...and the success or appropriateness of our Emergency Preparedness may actually be dependent upon our followin the directions in The Bible.

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