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Sunday, September 26, 2010


World News Com Book "Vatican Assassins"

by Ted Heath

Just as "you can't watch the game, without a program", World News Com declares you can't intelligently follow the news, until you know that, which is behind it.

The awesome, and wow-begotten book, Vatican Assassins, gives, to you, just that -- what is really behind all news.  You are not goin to find it anywhere else, neither now, nor in the near future.

Eric Jon Phelps is the compiler, he has taken facts, from history, that the established order has painstakinly squozen out of the annals, that are available to the public.

You have the precious opportunity to learn these facts, when you hold your own copy, of Vatican Assassins, in your own 2 hands, and scan the information, with your eyes.

Click on the book's title, and you will learn more.

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