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Friday, February 18, 2022


Dulles Family: Biography of Eleanor Allen and John Foster Dulles

About the Despicable Dulleses

"Before workin for the OSS (he headed the OSS station in Switzerland durin the war) Allen Dulles and his law partner John Foster had served as business managers and lawyers to John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil.  They personally brokered the partnership between Standard Oil and I.G. Farben chemical corporation.

"I.G.Farben not only produced gasoline for the Nazi war machine, it manufactured 'Zyklon B', used slave labor before and durin the war (includin their huge petro-chemical factory adjacent to Auschwitz death camp),

"... owned Bayer Pharmaceuticals which accordin to a current lawsuit was directly involved in Dr. Josef Mengele's horrific Auschwitz experiments, and was spared from Allied bombins due to its Rockefeller interests."

Quotions from reviewins:

"A must-read.  A well-researched history of the cold-war warriors that created so much chaos around the world. Highly recommended!"
"If you need to understand the shambles of American foreign policy this book will help. I always wondered how the Middle East had ended up in such chaos.
"The American President(s) involved with the Dulles Clan seemed to think it was OK to let Foster Dulles decide on global policy while his brother ran the CIA and sister was responsible among other things for the Berlin desk. It really is an eye opener."


Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends


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This body of knowledge in most particulars is fundamental to truth in history, while in some ways based upon illusions, such as the supposition that JFK was the genuine identity of the man-before-the-camera, and that he was assassinated; also the papal criminal families, such as Massimo, have been overlooked.

Follow some quotations from reviewers:

"A tour de force, Phelps ... provides unique insights into the subject. I cannot exaggerate how impressive and massive his sources are. A formidable adversary for his subject matter."

"This is interestin.  Filled with many illuminatin quotions and eye-opening likenesses. Phelps is ... is filled with passion.  Understandably so."

"I read about the vatican connections to the titanic sinkin, the War between the States, the Bavarian illumanati, the 14th ammendment lettin Washinton to take over the whole land, the vatican's link to the federal reserve and more topics very good book ...."

"In this 4 volume set of 1800+ pages, there are many revelations about the sinister, diabolical role of the papacy and the Vatican ....

"Even from the beginnin of the book, from one hand there’s the shock when readin about the network of assassins under New York archbishop Francis Spellman, which succeeded in the following paragraph by a distorted, limited and narrow view of the saying of Jesus Christ about turning the other cheek

'But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right. cheek, turn to him the other also.'

"That sayin of Jesus Christ has a deep meanin and it is highly inline with the Highest Principles of the Cosmos, somethin that the author - in his blindness against these people - he has hastily distorted its universal view.

"When one man hit another man, the first man give automatically his most precious essence to the person he hits: his Manliness.   And he automatically build up even more sin/karma ....

"As I read from the first pages, the author distorts parts from the Bible, he uses the name of 'God' to justify his viewins.   What exactly did/does the Vatican and the Jesuits etc.… I didn’t like that distortion. Sometimes it feels like readin a crusaders’ manifesto…

"On the other hand, there are many references about the sinister role of the Vatican and the Jesuits and their involvement in many horrible deeds, workin silently and methodically, earthwide.

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