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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Teenage Beauty Tips + Bobbi Brown's Beauty Book

Are you a teenaged girl?

Have you considered new alternative life options before now?  No?   Then here are, for you, the first new alternative life options completely for teenagers.

How to be more beautiful.  Don't you want  the right complete problem solution?

The best exercise for beauty is hatha yoga, next is swimmin or dancin, I mean like extremely active dancin.  Bicyclin is good for buttocks.

Aerobic exercise and sports make you a beautiful personality, if you are not already too masculine or competitive.

Best results, in your life, will come from associatin with folks, who obey the Bible, or who have received The Knowledge of inner peace ( )
Here is what a teenaged customer said, about Bobbi Brown's Book, Beauty Rules:

"I like the overall theme of this book. Yes, it is a beauty book, but it isn't just a bunch of tips on how to apply eyeliner properly. It talks about confidence, eating right and taking care of ALL of you. The information in it is about building up the whole girl, not just putting a layer of color over what ever it is you don't like about yourself."

Get your own copy of the book, by clickin the image below.  You will be redirected to a bookstore, away from this blog, and to a bookstore, where you will get your book:

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