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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Visigoth King Alaric Best Biography


I discovered this gem in the Library of Congress, lo! These many years agone. Back, it was, about 1982, or thereabouts.

What is gemmy about it? It is the onliest book, that I found, on the topic of "Visigoth", that was written from our side. Marcel Brion was a Norman, which means he was one of us. He somehow kept sight of our interest, unlike many writers, whose works I have seen.

This book takes you into the time and place, as though it were a novel about Alaric. It is translated from French. The words are poetically phrased. It is a factual history, written in a glorious style.

I suggest that you get a copy of it, and reproduce it for others, as soon, as you possibly can.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth is the 8th book, in the compilation known as the Bible, which means THE book. That means, if we want to understand the number "8", then we will learn somewhat about it, by readin the Book of Ruth.

It also means that the Book of Ruth shows the themes of the historical events, that happened in the 800's, the 9th hundredyears.

I happen to like the number 8, for now. I wondered, "should I like this number?" and afterward I observed that the movin picture "They Live" was made in 1988. Confirmation.

The year 801 will be described in the first chapter of the Book of Ruth, the year 802 by the 2nd chapter, and so forward. Supposedly, when you get to the end of the Book, you "wrap", so that the year 805 is described again in the first chapter. Or it may be that you continue into the Book of Samuel, but that does not seem, to me, to be right.

Any how, Noah began a book, by makin a set of 8 symbols. Folks, who came after him, further developed the book, until it became known as the "I Ching" or "Classic of Changes".

The Chinese history says that the 8 symbols were made by a man who survived the great flood. That would have been Noah, or one of his sons. I wondered, whether the later writer, King Wen, was holy or not. So I took the expression "King Wen", and spelled it with Greek letters, got the numerical value, and entered into the Infinity Bible Code (revealed to Al Neal) with that number.

The first chapter that number landed upon was Genesis 9, that tells us of Noah and the names of his sons and grandsons. So, in my way, of thinkin, it was a son of Noah, King Wen, who developed the early descriptions, of the meanins, of the symbols, that had been made, by his father, Noah.

Eventually the 8 symbols were paired up, so that there are 8 x 8 of them, which total 64. They are called "hexagrams". Hexagram number 8 has to do with holdin together with other folks, and with knowin one's own place, as to whether one ought to lead, or to support another, who leads.

The Book of Ruth is precisely about this same topic. Have a look at it. It is about holdin together with other folks, by the expedient of subordinatin onesself to a leader.

By the Infinity Bible Code, the 8th book of the New Testament will elaborate on the same theme as the Book of Ruth. By the way, that means it will also reveal lore about the 9th hundredyears of history.

Let's have a peep at the 8th book of the New Testament, which is 2 Corinthians. The purpose, of the letter, the 2nd letter to the Christians at Corinth, was to persuade the folks of Paul's fitness to lead them. Yes, that is a hit. The theme is the same, as in the Book of Ruth, and in Hexagram number 8, of the I Ching, or the Book of Noah.

I know of a leader, who takes the time to establish himself in God-consciousness daily. His name is Tru Keesey. Secret genealogies, told of in the book, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", claim that this leader is of the blood of King David, and of Jesus Christ. Volunteer to help make all well, by clickin Online Christian Volunteer Jobs.

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