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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Visigoth King Alaric Best Biography


I discovered this gem in the Library of Congress, lo! These many years agone. Back, it was, about 1982, or thereabouts.

What is gemmy about it? It is the onliest book, that I found, on the topic of "Visigoth", that was written from our side. Marcel Brion was a Norman, which means he was one of us. He somehow kept sight of our interest, unlike many writers, whose works I have seen.

This book takes you into the time and place, as though it were a novel about Alaric. It is translated from French. The words are poetically phrased. It is a factual history, written in a glorious style.

I suggest that you get a copy of it, and reproduce it for others, as soon, as you possibly can.

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