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Saturday, September 16, 2023


81% Guidebook Series!

 These are your Guidebooks

for the Seed Culture

for the Coming Age


Western civilization is in its last phase.  Many folks have been "going down with the ship".  Others are exiting from Western civilization and becoming the seeds of a new way of living.  These guidebooks help to bring the latter into unity.


1.  Guidebook #1 The Book of Wodin for the Children of Wodin.

2.  Guidebook #2 The Book of Thor for the Children of Thor.

3.  Guidebook #3  The Book of Outsiders -- Foreign Policy.


4.  Guidebook #4  The Book of Sights -- How to recognize beneficial subliminal messages and add them to your design; or how to get décor having positive subliminal messages in it.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle (118 print pages) $199.99

Paperback 118 pages $37.77


5.  Guidebook #5  The Book of Land.


Bit 1: Feng Shui For House Simplified - Quick Do It Yourself 

-- Do your own Feng Shui evaluation fast. It's a simple and a clear presentation for you.  Properly done Feng Shui ramps up your love, your money, and your health, for you, and all your family who lives in your house.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle $2.99

Paperback 42 pages $9.77


Bit 2:  Win Back The Land: The Book of Land

-- How to take our land back from the invaders.

Paperback 24 pages $7.77


6.  Guidebook #6  The Book of Freedom.

Bit 1:  Intelligent Children Story Book (& Grownups) - Motivational Tales Bit 1: True And Fictional Tales of Escapins And Rescuins From Captivity


Paperback 276 pages $99.77


7.  Guidebook #7  The Book of Family.


8.  Guidebook #8  The Book of Lifestyle.


Bit 1: Ayurvedic Medicine Treatment - Neglected Secrets of Ayurveda And Health


 The fools! The fools!

-- They've taken Ayurveda, and homeopathy, and converted them into allopathy.

The fools!

-- They have ignored the true ayurvedic practices, and, in their stead, lazily and neglectfully offered remedies for symptoms. For symptoms!

-- That is no way to do ayurveda, and it is no way to do homeopathy.

-- The most useful and fundamental herbs, foods, and practices of ayurvedic lifestyle you will find when you get this book.

-- Whereas this book is not a thorough guide on ayurvedic medicine treatment, of disease, it is rather a plan of the basic ayurvedic lifestyle, an expose, and an overview of the true Ayurveda.

-- Ayurveda does not treat any specific condition. For instance, headache. Headache is a symptom. If somebody says, to you, "here is ayurvedic remedy for headache", they are lying to you. Ayurveda is a lifestyle, and treats the entire body and habit, not just a symptom.

-- Symptomatic medicine is called "allopathy". That person, above, who offered an averredly "ayurvedic" remedy for headache, has taken allopathic approach and falsely called it "ayurveda".

-- Ayurvedic medicine treatment includes one’s daily diet, consecration of the food, early bedtime, regularly timed singing or chanting of hymns, invocations of celestial personalities, and so on.

-- In this book, first you will find the context, in which ayurvedic treatments are the most effective. In the different historical ages, different types of healing are most effective for each age. These ages you will find described in the book, with reasons why ayurveda is most effective for our time.

-- Vedic medicine came before ayurvedic medicine, and is outlined for you in this book, as a part of the history of ayurveda.

-- Vedic medicine is at the core of ayurveda. Specific practices are listed for you. Some of these differ greatly from the recent "ayurvedic" practices, which are only marginally ayurvedic, as you will see in this book.

-- Ayurvedic treatments assume that every imbalance, every disease, is caused by sin, and engineered by demons affecting the mind, and causing one’s own mind to turn against one’s own body.

-- Any health treatment that does not deal with repentance, and with demons, is not ayurveda. In this book, the several types of demons you will find, along with their sources, their natures, and the types of illnesses caused by them, when you click the "buy now" button.

-- In ayurvedic medicine, health is produced when 3 energies, called doshas, are balanced, calm, and freely flowin. You will learn, in this book, how to do that.

-- In every one, of us, one of the doshas predominates over the other 2. This gives a describable personality and nutritional/health type for each dosha. The personalities and their requirements for health, clearly told, you will find in this book.

-- Any healing, that does not deal with the doshas, is not ayurvedic healing.

-- One key ayurvedic remedy states that when we balance vata dosha, then all 3 doshas are balanced. The method, of this particular ayurvedic medicine treatment, is to practice regularity. moderation, and general hygiene. Details you will discover, when you order this book.

-- As part of the healing process, some folks need to learn how to sleep. In this book you will discover the means and methods of falling to sleep, for those, who find it to be difficult.

-- Herein you will find also a recommended morning's routine, for each of the 3 dosha types, whichever type you may be.

-- The practices and headings, that you will find are

-- Healthiest time to awaken (sundry for each dosha type)

-- Relax, and methods of relaxation

-- Pray

-- Clean and purefy your energy's field, and how to do it

-- Sundry eyewashes

-- Cleaning your tongue (tongue holds a lot of wasted matter)

-- Cleaning your teeth -- you may find a more thorough treatment on teeth than you have been told of before now.

-- Healing will be a daily matter, when you attend to regular and routine details of your habit, and, thus, you will not fall into the extremes of sickness ever.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle (47 print pages) $9.77

Paperback, 47 pages $9.77


Bit 2:  How to Sleep -- The Book of Somnia.

Comin hereafter, Wr-Alda willin.


9.  Guidebook #9  The Book of Wedlock.


10.  Guidebook #10  The Book of Starry Law -- How to Read a Birth Chart in 5 Minutes


-- This is a most excellent primer for studious beginners (not dabblers).  It has tons of material that can't be found in any other source, plus it preserves Max Heindel's interpretations for the ruling planets.  At some time hereafter the topic of "aspects" will have to be added, but there is plenty to be digested as it is.

-- A textbook telling, to you, how to determine what are a person's ruling planets, and when each planet is active in his life.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle (210 print pages) $9.99

Paperback 210 pages $27.97


11.  Guidebook #11  The Book of The Law.

12.  Guidebook #12  Insider Art Overcomin.

13.  Guidebook #13  The Book of Water.

14.  Guidebook #14  The Book of Trumanisms.


15.  Guidebook #15  The Book of Wrongs.

Bit 1:  IFF -- Identify Foes and Solutions

 -- Your book is about 38% links to carefully picked text and video sources that are indispensable for anybody who wants to be responsible and participate in the gaintakin of our land and institutions.

-- Many of these are old links and may be dead now.  I will notify when they will be updated, Wr-Alda willing.  It is still worth it for the other 62% of information and the remaining good links.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited 

Kindle (102 print pages) $7.77

16.  Guidebook #16  The Book of Defects.

 Fourth Step Inventory of Character Defects


-- A list of antiquated or slang terms for defects of character, some with definitions.  Although this fourth step list of character defects is meant to be humorous, nevertheless you are goin to find ideas that you may have overlooked by yourself or your sponsor or helper.

-- It began as JUST A LIST, but I got a complaint about a lack of definitions, so I have begun to add definitions. Just begun.

-- Have a laugh, or be inspired, either way this is a very useful list of character defects for your fourth step inventory.

-- In truth the list is so shockin and honest, that some members could not even bear to look at it, it is so righteous compared to their own inventories.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle $1.77


17.  Guidebook #17.  The Book of Tales.

 Bit 1:  Norse Tales -- Our children must share a common heritage based upon true history.  This series is for our children to learn the earliest tales of our forebears after the Great Flood, and how some of the celebrities came to be known as "gods" and "goddesses".


Norse Tales Bit 1


-- Tales from the Great Flood until 1100 A.D..

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle (58 print pages) $.99

Paperback 58 pages $4.57


Norse Tales Bit 2


-- Tales of the leaders of our forebears from 400 A.D. until 845 A.D..

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle (28 print pages)  $7.77

Paperback 28 pages  $15.77


The Tale of Gizr the Old, King of Geats:  The Original Old Geezer

-- King Gizr the Old was a king of the forebears of the American people. He was a very significant figure in our history. Most folks have heard of “Old Geezer”.
-- His tale is very adventurous and heroic, but has been neglected because of apparent conflation with other tales, inclusion of seemingly supernatural elements, and partial mythification of small segments of the tale.

-- Gizur's tale is a bit of the tale of the banning against Ephraim, which lasted until the year 2009, as foretold in the Holy Writ.
-- This wonderful book gives highlights tales of our forebears in the time between the Norse Tales Bits 1 and 2 (above) showing some of the continuity between the two linking the two periods together.

-- Our children should really learn these teachings, so as to bring them together in knowledge of their common ancestry.
Kindle (81 big print pages) $9.99
Paperback 81 big pages $37.77

Book of Seamen Bit 1 -- Real Pirate Names Pirate Adventure Tales

-- This is a wonderful collection of biographical sketches of Vikings, buccaneers, and some others, showing the link between the Viking Age folks and the subsequent Age of Buccaneers, genetically.  Temporarily out of print.  Comin in the hereafter, Wr-Alda willin.

Book of Seamen Bit 2 -- Real Pirate Names Pirate Adventure Tales


-- Tales of seamen for your taleteller to tell. This is the second book in the alphabetical biographies of pirates, vikings, lifesavers, warriors, chaplains.

Adela’s Rede



Augustus Agar

Agnar Hroarsson

Agnar Ingeldsson

Agnar Lothbroksson

Agne Dagsson

Charles Benedict Ainslie

Roderick Ainslie


Martin Akers



Greg Akroyd

Alan of the Straws


Get More 81% Solutions Guidebooks

Entry Points

FREE on Kindle unlimited

Kindle (print 131 pages) $999

Paperback 131 pages $999


18.  Guidebook #18  Archive of Living Beings.

19.  Guidebook #19  The Book of Winnin.

20.  Guidebook #20  The Book of Eight.

21.  Guidebook #21  The Book of War.

22.  Guidebook #22  For Members Only.

23.  Guidebook #23  The Book of Proverbs and Aphorisms.


Friday, August 11, 2023


Book Alert: The Revolt of the Masses


 Book Alert!

The Revolt of the Masses  Clicken on link NOW!

"Social upheaval in early 20th-century Europe is the historical setting for this seminal study by the Spanish philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset. 

"Continuously in print since 1932, Ortega's vision of Western culture as sinking to its lowest common denominator and drifting toward chaos brought its author international fame and has remained one of the influential books of the 20th century."

" I highly recommend this book for those seeking to explain or understand what is currently happening in society. 

Ortega lays out the creation of the mass consumer and mass man who revels in mediocre accomplishments and who becomes for the continuing degeneration of culture.

His description of how nations are formed is not to be missed."


Wednesday, May 17, 2023


Solving the 1897 Airship Mystery


Solving the 1897 Airship Mystery (Clicken on title or image) Hardcover – January 31, 2004 by Michael Busby (Author)


THE SECRETS OF DELLSCHAU: The Sonora Aero Club and the Airships of the 1800s, A True Story


THE SECRETS OF DELLSCHAU: The Sonora Aero Club and the Airships of the 1800s, (Clicken on title or image) A True Story Paperback – Illustrated, October 1, 2009


Charles A. A. Dellschau was born on June 4, 1830, in Brandenburg, Prussia, and immigrated to the United States in 1853, first settling in Texas. The historical record falls silent until 1860, when he is again shown living in Texas, where he marries Antonia Hilt the following year. The so-called "lost years" of the secretive Dellschau's life became a matter of controversy when his voluminous, illustrated notebooks surfaced nearly a half-century after his death in 1923 at age 93.

Dellschau literally spent the last 20 years of his life closeted away in an attic apartment, creating a fantastical body of art that continues to fascinate. Indeed, today Dellschau is recognized as one of America's leading visionary artists, ranked alongside such world luminaries as Henry Darger and Adolf Wölfli. A single page of one of his notebooks now fetches thousands of dollars - and there are thousands of such pages, frenetic productivity being a hallmark of visionary artists.

But Dellschau's work - consisting of ink and watercolor illustrations of fanciful flying machines to which he frequently pasted newspaper clippings, or "press blooms" as he called them - appears to tell a coherent story of the Sonora (California) Aero Club. Using an anti-gravity gas purportedly invented by one of its members, The Club allegedly turned out a series of experimental aircraft some 50 years before the Wright Brothers first took wing.

A mere flight of artistic fancy? Or did Dellschau actually spend his lost years documenting wildly improbable inventions? Were the Aero Club's airships also responsible for many UFO sightings in America?

The Secrets of Dellschau: The Sonora Aero Club & The Airships of The 1800s, a True Story is the first book-length account of Dellschau's life and work.

"If you're interested in the Airship Mystery of 1896-1897, you have to read this. There's no true defining moment, but it answers some questions. Yet it leaves more."

Sunday, May 7, 2023


Book Alert: JFK Assassination - Dorothy Kilgallen "Denial of Justice"




 Book Alert:  Denial of Justice

by Mark Shaw

Amazon link (I get no commission on this):  Denial of Justice Dorothy Kilgallen meant to reveal what was behind the assassination of JFK, but was herself assassinated.

"Very good well written book about Dorothy Kilgallen and how her murder was not investigated.

"It lets you know the coverup with her covering the JFK's assassination and covering Jack Ruby's trial.

"She had great insights when Hoover was stuck on "Oswald Alone Theory". She was a very good investigation reporter."

Thank you for reading.  Please tell what you think and how you feel in a comment, thank you!

Thursday, March 9, 2023


2 Books Alert: The Gospel in the Stars, The Witness of the Stars

The Witness of the Stars  -     By: E. W. Bullinger

 The Gospel in the Stars  -     By: Joseph A. Seiss

This is not a reviewing, but an alerting.

1 (see #2 below) Clicken on the link:  The Gospel in the Stars

by Joseph A. Seiss

The ancient wise men from the East read the skies and journeyed to worship the Christ.

Do the heavens that reveal God's glory also reveal his plan of salvation? Yes, says Joseph A. Seiss, who contemplated the strange figures of the zodiac and studied the writings of astronomers through the ages.


2)  Clicken on Link:  The Witness of the Stars

by E.W. Bullinger

An in-depth study of the constellations and principal stars as they pertain to prophetic truth. Includes more than forty charts and diagrams.

Be kind and tell your thoughts in comment below, thank you!


Book Alert: Vicars of Christ

This is not a reviewing, but an alerting.

Clicken on Link:  Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy 

by Peter de Rosa

The "holy fathers", from St. Peter to Pope John Paul II, have included document forgers, men with numerous mistresses and illegitimate children, those who murdered thousands of Christians, and who caused tremendous suffering

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