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Thursday, March 9, 2023


2 Books Alert: The Gospel in the Stars, The Witness of the Stars

The Witness of the Stars  -     By: E. W. Bullinger

 The Gospel in the Stars  -     By: Joseph A. Seiss

This is not a reviewing, but an alerting.

1 (see #2 below) Clicken on the link:  The Gospel in the Stars

by Joseph A. Seiss

The ancient wise men from the East read the skies and journeyed to worship the Christ.

Do the heavens that reveal God's glory also reveal his plan of salvation? Yes, says Joseph A. Seiss, who contemplated the strange figures of the zodiac and studied the writings of astronomers through the ages.


2)  Clicken on Link:  The Witness of the Stars

by E.W. Bullinger

An in-depth study of the constellations and principal stars as they pertain to prophetic truth. Includes more than forty charts and diagrams.

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