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Thursday, March 21, 2013


How to Analyze and Design Art Composition through Subliminal Symbols Meanings by Mick Snutz

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Are you lookin for a book, that will teach you how to employ unconscious symbolism in your designs?

Or do you want to learn how to interpret the unconscious messages of works of art?

The content of this book will make a difference to increase your power to understand.

One customer complained about the authoritative tone of the writer, Mick Snutz.  There are so many great books out there, so many great authors.  I should get this book too.  He is the best person there is, to explain this topic to you.

The havins of the book are a collation between the findins of Dr. Carl Jung plus universal dream interpretation meanins.  You will find a list of positive dream images, that you can use in your designs, with explanations of what they betoken.

Moreover you will find overlap with numerology, graphology, and other relevant topics artfully interwoven into the purport.

There are many colored illustrations.  Almost every page has an illustration, and many pages have 2, or 3, thereof.

110 pages.

You will find a glossary of old and esoteric terms.

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Here is an excerpt:

Asparagus – Prosperity.

Ass (see also "animals") -- It would have to be happy, friendly, and cooperative, to be good, a companion. Love, sexual affairs, especially if a figure rides it, with whom the looker can identify.

A white ass gives more sexual strength, winning, and true friends. Lasting good hap and wealth, plus the means and the time to go after your most liked pursuits.

For a woman viewer, a white ass means she can get into the group whereto she has always wanted to belong.

If you can identify with the figure whom you see riding the ass, then it means you'll travel afar, and explore tough terrain. This is not a benefit. For some it could be the fulfillment of a wish, for others a bother.

I suppose that putting a "symbol of the selph" atop the ass, as though it were the rider, would make the rider to be a character that any viewer's unknowing mind would identify with.
Bed – Security.

So you can see, for instance, if you want to generate prosperity, then add images of asparagus to your decor, or to your designs.
If you want to generate security, then add images of beds. You get the idea.

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