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Sunday, August 8, 2010


The Comic Books Market, and Big Time Writers, etc.

Lately I interviewed an owner, of a comic book store, called "Chaotica", in Frostburg, Maryland. Facts gave he, to me, that I wish to preserve here.

In past, comics have been written by specialists, who may have adapted the stories, or themes, that were made by writers in other genres.

The scene has changed. Producers have found that the market will allow them to hire big time novelists, and screen writers, to write scripts for comic books. The diabolical bestseller penman, Stephen King, has been so employed.

The diabolical tv series, called "Babylon 5", was made by J. Michael Straczynsky. Of late, he has been writing scripts, for comic books.

Now you know of 2 ensamples. I have been told, that there are others.

Remember, I am passin, to you, lore, that is hearsay, from the owner of Chaotica. Individual stores cannot afford to order comic books from publishers, because the minimum order is too high for them. Therefore must they order from jobbers.

One company in Timonium, Maryland, near to Baltimore, named "Diamond", has a monopoly, in sellin "known" comic books in job lots. They are shipped to the mid-Atlantic states, from Mississippi.

The CEO is Stephen Geppi, the Vice President of Sales is Kuo-Yu Liang, and the Sales Director is Mike Schimmel. That may appear to be "diversity", but I bet you they are all workin for the devil. If so, then the apparent "diversity" is merely a camouflage for unity.

One style of makin a new theme, for a comic book, is to continue a television series, after it has ended, in comic book form. Thus the comic books keep the show alive. In the case, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the leadin actress could not play a teenaged girl, for her entire life's time. Yet the comic book kept the "show" goin, after its demise from television.

Another approach is to make a comic book series that is synchronous with a television series, or a series of movin pictures, or movies.

I observed that comics were considered to be juvenile, before Robert Crumb. That is to say, any adult or teenager would be embarrassed, to be seen with a comic book. Robert Crumb opened the door to adult comic book markets, beginnin with hippies.

In the 80's the numbers of comic titles, and the numbers in the printing lots, both increased, while the quality of the entertainment in comic books decreased. The result was that collectible comics have become devalued, if they were produced from the 80's onward.

Individual comic values rise, whenever there is a news hullaballoo, such as the discovery and auctionin of the first Batman comic, or the releasin of a movin picture of the same theme, as the comic.

Many comics have lately been printed on glossy paper, rather than on newsprint paper.

My own observation, comic books have always seemed to be connected with the negative and subversive movements. The same has been true, of television, bestsellers, and movin pictures. My question is: is that their nature, or can they be otherwise used.

Let me put it differently: Perhaps the attention, paid to mass-media, is an unnatural deed, or perhaps it is natural, but the perps have not been of the right ilk. What is the right complete problem solution? Should we shun the mass media, and destroy them, or should we take them over?

"What you are looking for is inside you" Prem Rawat.

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