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Thursday, August 23, 2012


The Perfect Tool For Children Of Wotan!

Here is a book for the Children of Wotan.  It is about how to fulfill their proper position in the universe.

The problems in Earth today have been caused by the takin of roles whereto one does not belong.

If you are a Child of Wotan, then here is your guidebook, for you desire to be a part of the solution, that is your nature, so step up and take your right place in life's experience.

Do not bother about this book, if you are not a Child of Wotan.  This is not a book on the early pagan worship of Wotan, it is a guidebook for today's Children of Wotan, and has, in it, much lore that is not traditional, but is new.

To obtain your guidebook you can get the kindle version or you can get the paper version:

Click Here To Get Your Kindle Version Of The Book Of Wotan!

Click Here To Get Your Paper Version Of The Book Of Wotan!

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