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Monday, December 14, 2015


Beulah Land -- The House of Pennell

by Truman Pennell Keesey

Book -- 5 Volumes ~ 650 pages :  Family history of one branch of

Pennells of Maine

Forebears of Edgar Llewellyn Pennell b. 1869 January 31

and his granddaughter Marjorie May Pennell Keesey b. 1923

Forebears from 1066 until 1984 

This is the tale of a branch of the Pinels of the Isle of Jersey and their forebears, their lives and their times. 

I have almost fulfilled the writin of the first volume this book, and look to the writin to be fulfilled about May of 2016.

It is one, of the most wonderful books of history ever to have been read.

As you read it, you will exclaim to yourself, "Merciful Heavens!  Never before have I read such a wonderful, entertainin, and interestin book!  Surely this is the book for me!  I shall finance the printin of it."

List of Biographies in the Book -- Forebears of Edgar Llewellyn Pennell


William Pinel b. some time before 1204

William de Blancminster the first a.k.a. de Blauminster of Child Canefeld a.k.a. de Whitchurch Lived until 1203

Roger de Dauntsey b. ab. 1156

William de Blancminster The Second lived until 1260

Drew or Drogo de Barentin a.k.a. Drouet De Barentine b. 1190.   His full tale I tell below this list.  Read it there.

William de Barentin the First b. 1230

Raul Payn the First 1240 - 1283

Jordan (Jean) de Barentin b. 1260

William de Barentin the Second 1288 -- 1316

Jordan Payn the First lived until 1348

Thomas de Hamptonne the First

Raulin Payn the First 1310 - 1367

Jordan Payn the Second 1340 - 1383

Thomas de Hamptonne the second b. 1350

Nicolas de Hamptonne the First

Raulin the Payn the Second 1380 - 1453

Guille de Hamptonne the first b. 1399

Thomas Payn 1410 - 1462

Michael Larbalestier b. 1430

Anthony Larbalestier b. 1453

Guille de Hamptonne the Second. b. 1435

Raul Gruchy 1440 - 1524

Michel Payn 1447 - 1520

Francois Gruchy 1470 - 1549

Simon Sarre the First b. 1444

Symon Malezard

Thomas Pinel

Simon Sarre the Second 1470 - 1533

Nicolas Hamptonne the First b. 1472

Clement Pinel b. 1490

Symon Malezard b. ab. 1494

Lucas Gruchy b. 1495

Laurens Hamptonne the First b. 1500

Jean le Boutillier

Thomas Pinel 1515 - 1570

Leonard Rommeril lived until 1570

Francis King

Philip Rommeril Lived until 1605

Edward Dumaresq

Francis le Montais

Nicolas Hamptonne the Second 1532 - 1580

Clement Pinel (Again) b. 1540 - 1597

Jean Romeril

Robert Pease the Elder b. 1565

Helier le Montais b. 1574

Jean Pinel 1575 - 1620

Martin Romeril

Robert Pease the Younger 1589 - 1644

Clement le Montais 1600 - 1650

Jean Pinel 1604 - 1665

Philippe Pinel 1627 - 1689

John Sampson ab. 1627 - 1712

Moses Durrell ab. 1650 - 1753

Thomas Pinel 1684 or about 1689 - 1723

Another Thomas Pennell

Clement Pennell 1723 - 1781

Joseph Pennell b. 1748

Jeremiah Pennell b. 1779

Jeremiah Pennell 1820 - 1882

Edgar Llewellyn Pennell b. 1869

Walter Johnson Pennell  Captain USN 1892 - 1955.  Walter is told of in a small way in this book, but his bigger tale is in The Book of Seamen.  It is not in this book for that the book is already too big.

Marjorie May Pennell Keesey 1923 - 1984

To print and to ship one hundred of this book will take an estimated more than six thousand dollars USA.  That is a simple hardbound book.  A fancier book would cost more, of course.

That would put the wholesale price at about sixty dollars.  Then the retail would be over a hundred and twenty dollars.

To lower the wholesale price more of them would have to be printed, and the total cost would be higher.

If you are a prosperous kinsman, then offer to pay for the printin, and get back your tokens of trade in books or in returns from the sale thereof.

Talk to me  trukeesey at verizon dot net

Help to make this lore to be available to all of our kindred!  Surely each family will want a copy to pass down to their children!

Send me email now  trukeesey at verizon dot net

Thank You!


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